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Monday, March 11, 2013

Kilpatrick guilty; Charlie LeDuff asks big question

"Are you sorry?"

That sums up the case against Kwame Kilpatrick and his administration's running of Detroit. Reporter Charlie LeDuff asked the right question when the disgraced former mayor stepped out of the US District courthouse.

Convicted of numerous racketeering and corruption charges today, along with friend and partner Bobby Ferguson, Kilpatrick is looking at a significant prison term for his role in plundering Detroit.

And as the man always decries how his family feels and feigned a love of the people of Detroit, he should have answered the question. Of course, he didn't.

He may yet, though, if he is convinced of that apology helping him get out of prison any earlier.  But for a man who has stuck to his story for years, he may be unable to admit guilt and apologize.

It'll be interesting, does he admit it and apologize in order to get to that family sooner or does he keep the lie going and miss more of their upbringing?

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