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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peter Murphy, busted in a Subaru

In today's world of marketing and branding and image being all, it is relevant that Peter Murphy, the godfather of Goth music, was arrested in a Subaru. We've all heard of the impaired driving, the fleeing from an accident and the possession of a narcotic. But here is what's different, the car he was driving.

Here's the story:

A California paper is reporting that Peter Murphy, lead singer of Bauhaus and solo artist, was jailed Saturday on a $500,000 bond following a traffic accident.
According to the, Murphy, 55, was driving a Subaru Forester that struck a Mercedes at 11:48 a.m. Saturday and then fled the area. The injured victim got his license plate, someone else took a photo and another motorist followed his car and later blockied his path until police arrived. Officers later found a baggie containing suspected methamphetamine, leading to a felony charge.
Murphy, who led the English Goth band Bauhaus, famous for the song "Bela Lagosi's Dead" before forming another another band, Dalis Car, and then going solo, is due to play at Detroit's Magic Stick on May 13.
Murphy, who lives in Turkey, told police that he had been jetlagged when the crash occurred and denied drinking, noting he had taken his anti-depression medication. He also denied the baggie was his. He remained jailed as of Monday, the high bond due to his being a flight risk.
On social media, some fans have mocked the "Godfather of Goth" for driving a Subaru.
Here is what has been tweeted:
Jesse LeDoux ‏@ledouxville: My takeaway from this: Peter Murphy drives a Subaru Forester?
Call The Office ‏@Call_The_Office: Real mixed bag for goths today. On upside: new Depeche Mode. Downside: their king, Peter Murphy, arrested. And in daylight!
Brandon Stosuy ‏@brandonstosuy: Peter Murphy arrested for DUI. Depeche Mode release Delta Machine. All we need now is for Robert Smith to tell us he's "going ska." ‪#sadgoth‬
IMPOSE ‏@IMPOSE: ‪#Bauhaus‬ frontman Peter Murphy arrested for DUI.... while driving a ‪#Subaru‬. ‪‬
Kat Kinsman ‏@kittenwithawhip: Peter Murphy arrested in DUI. In a Subaru. ‪ …‬
maggie serota ‏@maggieserota: I will say this about Peter Murphy, the man takes a dignified mugshot.
Rob Tannenbaum ‏@tannenbaumr: Last time Peter Murphy was trending on twitter, Bauhaus broke up.
Natasha VC ‏@natashavc: Peter Murphy in Glendale. Driving a Subaru Forrester. With a pocket full of speed.
Brandon Stosuy ‏@brandonstosuy: Citing Robert Smith's Spot on "Not In Love", Peter Murphy Claims He Was Just "Collaborating" with the Crystal Meth.
Jake Fogelnest ‏@jakefogelnest: Peter Murphy from Bauhaus drives a Subaru.
Joe Garden ‏@joegarden: Michelle Shcoked homophobic rant. Peter Murphy DUI. It's a hard time for 1988 college radio DJs
Keith Phipps ‏@kphipps3000: First Michelle Shocked, now Peter Murphy. Who will be the next to turn up in the news after making terrible choices? Hoodoo Gurus?
antonnewcombe ‏@antonnewcombe: Peter Murphy king of the goths,is on anti-depression medication. ‪#Fail‬
Laura Lloyd ‏@lauralloyd: I have to assume Peter Murphy started falling off the deep end as soon as he was cast in "Twilight" - fame, don't let it get to your head.

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