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Friday, March 22, 2013

Pope cancels paper with style

The Pope cancelled his newspaper, but this story is not about the newspaper industry and its struggles.

It's noteworthy because Pope Francis made the call himself, phoning the owner of a kiosk that had delivered him his paper daily, according to a report in by the Catholic News Agency.

On Monday afternoon, Pope Francis called the kiosk to say he wouldn't need his paper delivered any more, as he has recently moved from Buenos Aires in Argentina to the Vatican City.

They thought it was a prank at first, the Argentinean reported, but the pope responded, "Seriously, it's jorge Bergoglio; I'm calling you from Rome."
The father and son who own and work at the kiosk shared some stories about the new Pope, including that he returned the newspaper's rubber bands every month.

Before leaving for the conclave to vote for a new pope, Bergoglio was asked if he could be voted pope, but he said that was "too hot" a question to answer and told the father he would see them in 20 days and to keep delivering the paper.
Turns out he won't be needing that paper delivered after all. The pope asked for prayers and said it would be too difficult for a visit home any time soon but he would always be with be there with them.

The comments on the story reveal how many adore the new pope for his humility and simplicity as well as the personal touches he offers. CBS News also has a good story showing the adoration his fellow countrymen have for Pope Francis, highlighting his humility, but also pointing out that he is a football, or rather soccer fan, though wasn't a very good player.

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