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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Milford High School makes the

They made it.

YouTube was not enough for the Milford High School students who wanted their own 'Harlem Shake' video to go viral. It's kinda viral, up to 99,000 views as of 11:27 a.m. today, Tuesday, pre-snowstorm, 2013.

But today, they are also nationwide, hitting the front page of the, where the head proclaims:

"Simulated oral sex, an Obama mask and a live bird! See the R-rated 'Harlem Shake' routine that got 30 high school students suspended"

They did not mention the bulge!

The story goes on to detail, however, a second video, which had "racially insensitive portions." Wonder how that will play in the Big Apple.

They quote the maker of the video in our paper, The Oakland Press, as well.

The comments were not so kind, including:

"Leave animals out of your low-class entertainment, troll."

And, "The parents must be proud of their work."

Of course, most film work means ignoring the critics.



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