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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dramatic end to Dorner case?

The case of Christopher Dorner, former LAPD officer who posted a manifesto and went on a killing spree, police say, appears to be ending, live on cable television.

He has the fame he sought. He appears to be nuts and ending like many nutty people who lash out at the authorities, usually the police.

But what a spectacle for the cabin owner to watch the family cabin burn on live TV.

Still, it's much more devastating for the family of the deputy killed today to know that such lunacy crossed their path and took a loved one.

Officers across California have been on edge, and rightfully so, as they knew Dorner wanted to take this path.

Again, this story seems more fiction than real, and it continues to stand out as the story of the year, appropriately overshadowing the president on the night he expected to dominate the headlines.

So the big question remains, is Dorner in that cabin? Will he perish? How painful for news executives to turn away and switch to the State of the Union address. Do they break in with an update of Dorner's death? Does someone muzzle nutty gun freak Ted Nugent with the nutty gunman Dorner story dominating the airwaves and headlines and search engines?

And just a week ago people thought a power outage was a big deal.

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