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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

High school librarian sent topless photos, arrested at sting, police say

Police in New York said they were waiting for a 33-year-old librarian who wanted sex from a 16-year-old male student when she showed up at his house, according to a report in the

And apparently she knew the trouble she was in because she burst out crying when she saw the awaiting officers, who had been alerted to the meeting by the boy, the report from the Daily News says.

It was May of 2012 when the evidence fell into investigators hands, including numerous topless photos of the librarian, Marisa Anton, as well as text messages detailing sexual situations she desired and later texts urging the boy to delete the messages and even the penal codes which she feared she had violated. She had been pressuring the boy into a sexual relationship, even though he reportedly had not wanted to, prompting him to go to police. They had him request a visit and he asked her to bring condoms.

Officers were waiting and arrested her. She should have known something was up... a 16 year old asking for condoms in a sudden change of heart? If she was really worried, she would have been suspicious.

The woman, of Yonkers and who worked at New Rochelle High School, has pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges and is to be sentenced to three years of probation later this month. She had faced up to seven years in prison on the initial charges. Because they never had sex, is this an adequate sentence?

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