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Monday, February 11, 2013

Lesson learned

Penelope Soto, the 18-year-old girl charged with a prescription drug crime, became an Internet video and cable news sensation last week when she famously flipped off and swore at a judge during a video conference. She picked up a 30-day jail sentence after the judge called her back when she flipped him off.

Her tune changed. She apologized for the behavior, both to the judge and to her family, and the judge, noting too many people such as police officers and teachers receive too much abuse, lifted the jail term.

She avoided the full jail sentence for contempt of court after a hearing saw her appear in person in court. The girl's attitude, which earlier included playfully rubbing her fingers through her hair, laughing at the judge's questions and not answering questions about how much she owned, was much different and much more respectful at the follow up hearing.

Lessons, i suppose, can be learned.

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