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Monday, February 11, 2013

Marijuana business booms in Michigan, report says

Last week was a big one in marijuana news in Michigan, which is a story of major national interest. Let's recap: Grand Rapids and Detroit voters approved legalized marijuana use and possession, not just for medicinal purposes but for just plain old good times.

This occurred on same same that voters in Washington and Colorado also approved such measures.

Michigan voters approved a few years ago the use and possession of medical marijuana, which spawned a thriving dispensary business. Last week, a report showed the just with the licensing of users and caregivers, the state has earned about $10 million for a program costing about $3.5 million to run, almost a $3 for $1 ratio. That's just the $100 to get the card. Just think of the taxing possibilities.

Also last week, the state's top court sided with law enforcement about the status of dispensaries. They are not allowed under the law, as it's written. Seems like the law could be tweaked to improve service for users, providers, not just to appease law enforcement.

Today, there is a great story on about the growth of the businesses supporting Michigan marijuana growers. There's a large industry here waiting for government support and protection.

Considering all that Michigan's government has done for casinos in particular and gambling in general as well as the health and strength of the state's liquor selling and serving, beer-brewing and serving, and wine-making and serving industries, it seems like there should be nothing holding this back.

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