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Monday, February 11, 2013

Bad teacher? Not really

And this isn't about teachers having sex, but a teacher in Texas is in hot water after dropping pencil shavings into a student's mouth.

According to the report in the, the student was leaning his head back with his mouth open when the teacher, walking by, dropped some of the shavings into his mouth.

The boy is 13.

Does that matter? Not in this case, but when 13, you do stupid stuff though perhaps 13 is young enough to make him more of a victim. In school, I think 13 is old enough to know better.

I'm glad the teacher has apologized and that the school board has rejected the parent's call to fire her. It's OK for a parent to be mad about this, except, I would ask the kid, how did this happen? How do you learn when you are sitting back with your head back and mouth open? How do become a victim of this crime?

Sorry, but I imagine someone wanted to point out to the kid that there are more appropriate ways to sit in class. Of course, also, there are more appropriate ways to get a 13 year old's attention.

Again, the world world web provides a good headline without any real controversy.


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