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Friday, February 8, 2013

Michigan recruit vows to remain lifelong Buckeye fan

According to reports at and the Dayton Daily News, a high school football player who just signed to play at the University of Michigan has maintained that he will remain an Ohio State Buckeye fan.

Deadspin, of course, has fun with this, noting in its report that "This ought to go over well."

According to the report, Reon Dawson, a defensive back, promises to bring his "A game" when the Wolverines play their hated rivals, the Buckeyes, but he will remain a fan of the team that rejected him. He had hoped to attend Ohio State but selected their rivals after being heavily recruited by Illinois and Brady Hoke's Michigan. According to the report in Dayton, he had verbally committed to Illinois but changed his mind before signing.

What do you make of this? Will this allegiance hurt him with the diehard fans, or will his being rejected help him lead the Wolverines past Ohio State?

I say it's better to play on the hated enemies team than star on a lesser them in the conference, as you'll garner 10 times the attention with the annual Michigan-OSU game. 


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