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Monday, February 18, 2013

Celebrity death

Big week for celebrity death news, first with the double amputee accused of killing his girlfriend, a budding reality TV star (how are you a budding star, isn't stardom later?) and then the suicide of falling country singer Mindy McCready.

Reeva Steenkamp starred in her debut on a reality show in her home country of South Africa just days after being killed in the home of the Olympian Oscar Pistorius. Do you air such a thing? Seems like you can't not air it, especially with all the positive things she discussed, based on the highlights show in American news. But you can't ignore those ratings either.

And now we have the suicide of the troubled country music singer, McCready, who was questioned at least by NBC about a possible role in her boyfriend's recent shooting death, another suicide possibly.

She, too, has a tie in to sports, claiming to have had an affair with also troubled former pitcher, well no longer troubled now that he's been acquitted of federal charges related to banned substance use alleged by others, Roger Clemens, who did issue a statement about her death and the few times they had met. 

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