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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Congratulations, Ronnie Wood, I hope

He's been down this path before and the headlines regarding the break up of Ronnie Wood's last marriage were quite extensive and even entertaining.

Good timing, too, if he's interested in being in the news a lot, finishing the 50th anniversary shows just a week ago and then tying the knot.

Like his last girlfriend, this new wife is younger, which makes this new union a bigger headline in the world of web entertainment journalism. He's 65. He made his last girlfriend - who was much younger than this 34-year-old new wife - famous.

And now the high-priced shows should be providing big paychecks for the Stones and Wood, who recently sparked Stones' related interests with his fabulous auction to raise dough to finish his divorce settlement with his wife of 23 years (and help a charity). He left her for the younger Ekaterina Ivanova, who started as a cocktail waitress, 19, and is now a model and reality tv star at 23; so joining with Wood is not bad for one's resume.

Another benefit of being so wed, the wife of 23 years, Jo Wood, a one-time model, is now an author, writing a memoir that will make more headlines detailing the life of being married to a Rolling Stone. And again, Ronnie Wood will be making news.

This new wife is raved about in media, and she's 15 years older than the last gal he jumped for.

So, congrats to the happy couple. And a look back at the best of times:

More of the glory days


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