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Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA presser / Twitter reaction

Here is where the NRA press conference can be seen.

I'm interested in what they have to say about gun violence and the availability of such powerful weapons, which are often in the news when used to kill many people in these too-frequent mass shootings.

But the NRA caught some grief on Twitter due to requiring reporters to fax in their credentials. Kinda adds to the image of the NRA and its supporters being old timey asking for a fax, not providing an email.


It appears the NRA is speaking not to America but to its membership. Too bad, because I think they'll lose the public relations battle on this one.

Instead of bringing gun control to the table, and having a stronger say in what is available for Americans to purchase and own, they are blaming:

Video games
The media
Federal government

Some reactions:

NRA brings up the old video game argument. AND music videos. Music videos? TV doesn't even play music videos any more! Get with it.

Lets get real folks, Mortal Kombat is responsible for the national plague of bare-handed beheadings.  

Given the toxicity of society so forensically identified by the the widespread availability of guns really a god idea? 

blames the media and mentally ill. WTF! It's on..... 

The NRA wants a national database of the mentally ill, which ranks among the most ironic stances in human history. 

So this is all the fault of the media, video games, movies, music, and the mentally ill -- everything but guns  

Charlton Heston is rolling in his grave right now.  

Based on what I'm reading about this NRA presser. Sounds like the Mayans were on to something. 

Shorter : Guns don't kill people. Hollywood does. 

TheMasonGuitars Excuse me sir,, but security will not stop a bullet fired at someone from 200 yards away

Marley Gardner HEY HEY NRA GOT TO GO

williamswalton There's a monster talking right now at the podium.

Wingnuts are all for big government spending and intrusion when it serves their agenda. Never forget that. 

theres more guns than people in this world, it's not video games or violent movies.

BREAKING: Following NRA's path, alcohol industry now blaming drunk driving on "too much Mario Kart" 

richardbroughton2 so our children will be learning each day surrounded by armed guard??
The only way this press conference would make any sense is if someone shouted, "LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!" via...
I have lost all respect for anyone who agrees with the NRA.
Seriously, all the NRA had to do was say "We are saddened by the recent events and will work with authorities." And they screwed that up.

With this press conference, the NRA just opened up the war on guns. 



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