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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You go, France

Hey, if the French are going to stick it to the Royals, taking and then publishing topless photos of ole what's her name, they aren't going to let the Muslim world push them around, are they?

The answer, so far, is no.

While seemingly half the world erupted over that so-called movie about the prophet, a French magazine has published cartoons that may be mocking the prophet. It's upset national leaders, who have to deal with their own large Muslim population (having banned the head dresses in recent years and dealing with many poor people unhappy at the joblessness and poverty) and worry about international unrest.

But I for one am happy to see the nation take a stand for free speech and expression. I'm even ready to give them a pass for upsetting the Royals, those strip-teasing leeches. "PUT YER DAMN CLOTHES BACK ON!"

 If Romney really wanted to upset NBC and Matt Lauer, he'd call out the Royals as the worst bunch of freeloading, govt-teat sucking, 'refusing to take personal responsibility' bums that exist.


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