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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Relationship with your lawyer

Word came out yesterday that David Griem, lawyer for both Stephen Grant (convicted wife killer, following bout of sad husband to missing wife lie) and now Bob Bashara (accused of hiring hit man to hit alleged hitman), wants off the current case.

We can joke that, of course, he wants out, seeing how his client is now charged with murder.

But he cites the reason as being a break down in the attorney-client relationship, which is code often for a lawyer realizing his client is lying.

They are holding a hearing this morning to see if the abandonment, or the removal from the case, can go forward. But the thing is that the judge can not pry to closely into what the break down is as the attorney (Griem) cannot give up his client's lies — or what he thinks his clients lies are.

Oh well, Griem is fun to watch in the media. He's a good client for a big-time media case, but when Bashara hired him, I wondered if it was a good idea, considering there could be a perception that if you have done sometime wrong, he's the lawyer to hide behind while the investigation is ongoing.

ADDED LATER: Of course, you can't file these things at the last minute, which is why the judge denied it - so far.


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