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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Psst. Rude comments not accepted

My, my, how the commenters at love to argue with one another sometimes.

Here's a new favorite:

"While your at it professor maybe you could take some spelling lessons. It is spelled QUIT no QUITE Moron." It's from Fruity Ragtree.

So who's the moron?

Hehe, well, I won't call someone a moron for misspelling something but I will address them as such for calling someone else a moron for misspelling something and then misspelling something themselves. What?

Anyhow, I can call people morons here, but I don't watch so closely for my spelling as, well, I'm busy.

But I don't tolerate calling each other morons or other names on our website, and I do get to determine what stays and goes.



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