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Friday, September 14, 2012

Grow up, world

OK, I know our country, the U.S., is filled with its share of bigots, religious nuts, rabblerousers, haters, and bad filmmakers (as well as those with poor taste in watching movies).

We have people who like to stir up trouble, who like to put people down, who like to hurt.

We've kinda learned to live with it. To each his own. Sticks and stones. They'll get their's in the end.

So someone made a childish, amateurish movie that attempts to make Mohammed look bad to Muslims.

How about the thought, though, that your prophet looks bad only if you let it be about your prophet. I mean, no one in this country knows about this movie, but you get a look at it, and it's time to wage war.

I don't get it. How is this a defense of your religion, your spiritual grounding?

Does Islam mean you have to be the most sensitive creature in the world?  I have daughters; one is in kindergarten. I know about sensitivity.

And my reaction to crying over bullshit is to offer up what I heard as a child, "I'll give you a reason to cry." Go to your room, and come out when you remove your head from know.

So throwing a fit, or a Molotov cocktail, over this piece of crap, almost-non-existent thing some call a movie is an embarrassment, I believe. What kind of man reacts this way to something that really matters not at all in the big picture or the little picture.

The political will that pushes these people to fight us, attack our embassies, is hurting the overall religion and this immensely rich culture and people more than any movie could. The people of this globe will soon find themselves intolerant to this level of intolerance.

Aren't there any reasonable thinking adults anywhere anymore?  These guys are making our political campaigns seem like mature thoughtful processes.


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