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Monday, July 23, 2012

Shooting cannot stop love

And I'm talkin' about the love for the Batman trilogy, which appears to have survived that nut's Friday night craze-fest, the shooting in Colorado.

Thank goodness for that, because as a movie fan, I'd hate for the final installment of this series to be marred by this shooting, which is simply the act of a crazy man who had access to firearms.

It's a shame that people could be targeted while doing what they love, enjoying some fabulous entertainment. But that's what always happens it seems. Attacked at school or work, so it's not entertainment, it's where they should feel safest and most secure. Targeted at church. That's where they go to connect to the community, instead terrorized.

We've had shootings at bars, restaurants, public places, the fireworks at Detroit, McDonalds (one of early news memories was the McDonalds massacre in California), malls, schools, and parks.

I'm glad the fans of the movie refused to let fear or depression about the attacks keep them at home.

What really struck me with this entire story was the diversity of people who were at that midnight showing, young and old, all races, all kinds of jobs and backgrounds. And so many of them inside proved heroes, protecting their loved ones or helping complete strangers. What a country!

No nut can really hurt us.


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