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Monday, September 10, 2012

Protect and serve, not be killed

It's a shame that another police officer has had to die.

It sounds like Officer Patrick O'Rourke, 39, a father to four lovely young children, was ambushed by a gun-toting man who was distraught over his impending divorce and ongoing financial troubles.

How can we stop this from happening?

Guns are the first thought, but one I don't buy, because we're never getting rid of guns and this could happen any time.

We're not getting rid of marriage or divorce and we can't stop people from making bad financial decisions.

So it's onto the domestic violence part of the situation, something officers know is a volatile time. Police are careful with these situations and with the amount of back up available, it seems like they were taking this situation very seriously and very carefully.

Five officers responded to the report of a shot fired.

It's just bad luck that the bullet so damaged the officer.

I don't know enough of the details to know if anything else could have been done.

But I do know that officers, every day they wear the uniform and work the streets, face such dangers at all times. It can come anytime, and the fact that they work knowing that is a testament to their dedication.

The shame is that officers have to treat all domestic violence situations (including arguments with no physical violence) as being a potential deadly circumstance. That means a lot of people are going to be troubled when they don't have any ill will to police at all. But the police have to make sure their safety is priority one.

No one goes to work ready to die. They are ready to put their lives on the line, but they should be expected to walk into the line of fire.

Policing our communities is a tricky thing, as police want to ensure safety, others want to promote friendliness and cooperation.

Here's to Officer O'Rourke, a hero. My prayers are with his family, left behind without a husband and father.


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