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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dressing for court

There's no way a jury will ever find Prof. Kwame Kilpatrick guilty of corruption, as the meek and mild former mayor could never have done all that he's accused of...... is one hope, I think, of the defendant's choice of bow tie and glasses as his stare-the-jury-in-the-eyes outfit.

Here is an account of the prosecutor's opening statements, alleging the former mayor's hunger to fill his deep pockets.

Even though most people think the case is a slam dunk, considering his honor's continued arrogance, we know it is anything but a sure win, considering co-defendant Bobby Ferguson's mistrial with an 11-1 hung jury.

My guess is the outfit doesn't work; in fact, it would do the opposite to me, make me wonder what he's hiding. But, again, it just takes one juror.

Photo is courtesy The Detroit News. 

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