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Friday, July 6, 2012

Health care here to stay

I think the soundbytes from the post-Supreme Court decision will be short-lived promises to repeal ObamaCare, as Mitt Romney promised to do. (Note, the Republican effort this month is a joke as it will go nowhere; all it does is put some Congressmen and women on the record.)

Here's why I think the effort to fight this law will fail.

It will take four months of fighting it over the election campaign. People will become very tired of this fight, considering it's gone on for three years, highlighted by the legislative battle two years ago and the followed by the fight through the courts.

The American people want to look ahead.

Romney will do much better arguing about the economy. Otherwise, all he is saying is, let's replay the last four years. No way does that play well to the middle of the road Americans.

The same argument goes for the second bridge to Canada. It's going to be built. Same for the smoking ban, which took years to achieve passage and finally a signature.

Gov. Rick Snyder and most Republicans know there's little to be gained by going back in time and fighting battles already lost.

Now, the fireworks law change, allowing more types of fireworks, could be revisited. Why? It was a fast-moving bill that saw little public debate. With the Fourth here and passed, the debate starts now. Small chance of a repeal, but the chance exists. It's not a tiresome fight that was already fought, and still it will be hard to reverse it.

Governors that fight the health care mandates will be surprised to learn that (as I noted earlier) people like getting money back from the government, even as it adds to the national debt. They don't like others getting money and not them, so not joining will only anger constituents.

The majority of Americans are ready to move forward onto the next fight, not replaying one that has become tiresome.


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