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Friday, June 29, 2012

Twitterverse explodes with Obamacare, helped by CNN

Online Editor
As the nation awaited the Obamacare ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, many looked to Twitter for the first reports.

And once the ruling was made public and properly digested, Twitter's headlines turned into commentary, both about the ruling and about the headlines.
Some of the tweets decried the decision or praised the justices for saving the president's signature program. However, much of the commentary in the minutes after the ruling's publication centered on CNN and Fox News’s gaffes: proclaiming the individual mandate struck down.

What happened was the decision read that using the Commerce Clause found the mandate unconstitutional. Further reading, though, found that the majority found the mandate for health care was constitutional when considering it a tax.
Nonetheless, the egg had landed on the news organizations’ faces and much fun was made of one of the Supreme Court's most important decisions and one of the year's top stories.

Here is some of what was tweeted:

- @newsheraldjah (John A. Hutchison): It's really weird being in a room for a meeting and being the only person who knows the outcome of the federal health care law. #lakecomish
- @Poynter: Screenshot: CNN breaking news banner says individual mandate struck down
- @USATODAY: This is a splintered, complex opinion, writes David Jackson of @theoval: Chief Justice John Roberts was the key vote.
- @rvisconti: CNN: Supreme Court overturns gravity.
- @TheFix: Here's the deal: Winning is better than losing in politics. So, assessment that this is good for Republicans is not correct.- @LexKuhne: Word. RT @ezraklein: Wow. So Kennedy voted with conservatives, Roberts with liberals. Umpire, indeed.
- @AP: Hospital stocks sharply higher after U.S. health care ruling
- @soyceman: #FoxNews looks so depressed. #CNN looks confused. #MSNBC looks insightful.
-  @davepell: It looks like the Supreme Court has upheld Romneycare!
- @mattklewis: Conservatives have long been told they HAVE to vote for GOP prez candidates they don’t like, b/c of SCOTUS appointments. Goodbye to all that
- @jay_jaffe: CNN: less relevant than the Onion and the Daily Show when it comes to news
- @acarvin: “DEWEY DEFEATS CNN” RT @davidfolkenflik: A cable headline that will live in infamy
- @JordanSekulow: to make it clear, mandate was unconstitutional via Commerce Clause but is constitutional as a tax - #ObamaCare #SCOTUS
- @CharlesMBlow: BREAKING: Obama in Oval Office doing the cabbage patch...
-@BrianManzullo: Note to CNN: No one would have remembered you posting the #SCOTUS decision first. Now everyone will remember you for having it wrong.
- @RyanNewYork (Ryan J. Davis): Today will also be known as the day when CNN became less reliable than Twitter.
- @Will_Axford: Oh man CNN. Who knew making a mistake would make you relevant for 5 seconds again?
- @AndyStettler: Mitch McConnell: “This law is a tax...this law was sold to the American people as a deception.”
- @RonEstrada: Today is the day we took the final step toward joining our European brothers who are watching their nations crumble.


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