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Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer is here, be careful out there

Whether on a lake or in a driveway, summer is here and everyone needs to heed the reminder that they need to be careful out there.

Sure, summer is official in a week or two, but summer break is here or arriving for tens of thousands of students, and this weekend presented a taste of what could come any hot summer day.

Oakland County already had its first drowning, a man succumbing in recent weeks while swimming a neighborhood lake in the Wixom area.

That is one of the more common accidents, drowning, whether in a pool, a swimming hole or a large lake. It happens to children who fall in while attended or unattended, teenagers with friends, adults out on boats or jumping in for a cooldown. It can happen to anyone.

On lakes, there are also boats and personal watercraft, which over the years have collided into one another, struck islands or rocks, slammed into docks, or even rammed onto the shore. People get hurt or killed when struck, when falling in, or even when being hit by propellers.

In West Bloomfield, just this weekend two very young youngsters bumped on personal watercraft (while be led to shore by their parents, one accidentally started it) and a speed boat hit a pontoon.

Accidental injuries and deaths also occur outside of water. Just this weekend, a toddler died after being bumped by a backing up vehicle in Orion Township. It's a tragedy that takes only a split second to occur.

With summer comes the sun, and the sun heats up cars faster than we realize. Keep pets and children safe and don't forget them for a haircut, quick shopping excursion. You'll get no sympathy when a police car is waiting by your car as you walk out. Forgetting is easy, as the prime minister of Great Britain proved, when he and his wife left their 8-year-old at a pub this weekend. But don't forget;  you'll never forgive yourself.

Then there's fireworks, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, teenagers piling into cars. On top of that, we have Spice, or K2, or synthetic marijuana, as well as the regular illicit drugs and summer's all time favorite problem-causer: alcohol.

Again, it's a dangerous world out there. Please be careful.


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