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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Helmets and health and the law

Well, it happened. A man on a motorcycle without a helmet has died after a crash.

One reader angrily pointed out the media should stop hyping the helmet law, noting the violence of this collision with a pickup truck would have been fatal no matter how big of a helmet the victim wore.

Yes, that is likely right.

The reader pointed out the emphasis should be on the driver of the pickup truck, who police say was drinking alcohol and was legally drunk.

Of course, that's a common story and the helmet law is new, so the media will always emphasize what's new. It's the nature of news.

But several months from now, when the pickup driver is in court, perhaps charged with drunken driving causing death, it will come down to 12 jurors and their opinions on helmets' ability to keep the noggin safe.

Just one juror could agree with the defense attorney that the victim would not have died if he had been wearing a helmet. That's when this law is going to get interesting.

I wonder if the state will have rewrite some laws, as they've found they did after their poorly planned attempt at legalizing medical marijuana.


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