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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Who is lobbying for you?

Michigan's governor is about to sign legislation banning sale of synthetic marijuana, or K2, or Spice. It's too bad we need a law to dictate what common sense should mandate.

That's ok, teenagers will be still be able to get cigarettes.

A drunken driving crackdown on M-59 angered business owners, who lost business that Saturday night. Anti-drunken driving advocates were happy though.
Here are two lobbies that both have broad public opinion.
Cigarettes, too, have a strong lobby, so even though they are banned from being burned in public, they are legal to sell and possess.

It all comes down to the lobby. If you want to change something, you need a strong lobby behind you.

And I must say I'm happy that our OneToughNerd governor, Rick Snyder, has gotten around the Maroun lobby to build this new bridge. Let's hope it goes smoothly, because extra lanes of traffic mean speedier crossings. And we all know, TIME IS MONEY.

Now if only they could finish that bridge at Avon and Livernois roads in Rochester Hills.


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