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Friday, June 1, 2012

As the state, county and several municipalities embark on banning k2, spice, or other forms of synthetic marijuana, I hope they word their laws, provisions or ordinances well.

This week heats up the anti-k2 effort, and that's greatly needed, yes, but it comes on a week when the Michigan Supreme Court started to clean up the Medical Marijuana laws.

K2 has been blamed in the death of an 18 year old in Bloomfield Twp, a young man who was found dead on a private beach. Police described it as an overdose.

K2 is blamed on the murderous rampage that police say Tucker Cipriano and a friend went on inside the Cipriano household. The pair had been smoking it and sought money to buy more.

K2 is blamed, by her defense attorney, on the fear a grandmother felt at her apparently troubled teenage grandson, a fear the attorney says that drove her to not only buy a gun but to quickly use it to kill the grandson.

Now comes the rush to ban it.

The state is slowly considering it, many locals have emphasized. Too slow for some, the West Bloomfield Board of Trustees will take it. Then Keego Harbor jumped on board, and now comes the county with the sheriff and executive holding a press conference, not next week, but today, to tell about their plans.

Of course, rushing to do so matters little if the laws aren't written correctly.

And as the state rewrites its medical marijuana laws and the Supreme Court corrects lower court rulings, it's important to get these right the first time.


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