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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good for the Mitt

Good for Mitt Romney that he won Michigan.

Jenny the former gov (twice elected, though, haters) says it doesn't count because he barely won.

Foul, I say. Wrong, Madame Current TV hostess.

Even if Mitt Romney had lost by 3 or 4 points, I still think he would be able to claim some sort of victory, especially with all the southeastern Michigan delegates. But he won outright even with the Democratic mischief, so sorely supported by Santorum, of Dems wanting to vote for a candidate that would prevent stability on the GOP side.

Such mischief is fair because it's allowed, but you have to count it when analyzing the votes and the outcome.

Also, this outcome helps Rick Snyder, Michigan's new somewhat popular nerdy governor, on the national stage. So far, it seems the only thing Snyder has going within the national arena is not something he says or does but only his record of an improving Michigan economy. He may be understated, but he brought Michigan to his endorsed candidate and he may be a player if the news continues to improve about Michigan.


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