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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Lots of Valentines Day stories today, including several about how much people love one another.

There's another one about a man who will take to the radio to notify his wife that there marriage is over.

I prefer the stories about chocolate and, being St. V's Day, I'll promote our favorite chocolate place, downtown Rochester's Sander's Chocolate - a great place to pick up gifts for bus drivers, teachers, aides, and staff.

As for the radio report from New Zealand, it turns out it was a woman who plans to dump her hubby, after having met someone online. "It's over," she said. "Why not do it for free?" She won the divorce with the on-air dumping.

Funny, when the pair of DJs told her it's her "last chance to pull out," she said, no, "It is your last chance to pull out."

When they called, the woman's partner, Amber, announced the reversal. It was a joke on the DJs. "I was disgusted, I can't believe you were going to let someone do this," the wife said.

"Suckers," the partner, Amber said. "Down with the Rock."


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