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Monday, February 13, 2012

Angry Dad shoots it up

A man who airs his family's dirty laundry, well, really calls out his daughter for being a teenage brat, finishes his on-video rant by shooting up a laptop, presumably her laptop.

He strikes a blow for parents who are overwhelmed by overdemanding teenagers, supposedly.

To me, it sounds phony. It sounds staged. It reeks of seeking viral attention.

But let's suppose it's real. I'd argue, and I'd do so as a father of three girls, that the parents seem incredibly terrible.

The father reads a letter from the girl, who complains about having to do everything, even making pots of coffee for her parents. What kind of parents make someone else make them a pot of coffee. I think kids can help clean up the mess they make, but I don't view the children in the house as my housegirls, there to clean, fetch and make stuff for me.

Lazy parents breeding lazy kids. But of course, this is made for viral web fakeness. Give me the Saints fan who shoots up his big screen TV. Now that's a man.



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