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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dogs in the news

Wowzer, lots of dog stories today.

Here's a rundown of pooch-filled headlines, in order of how I think they will do with readership:

1. Neglected dog in need of help after losing a leg.

2. Man convicted of shooting dog. He was jailed even though he likely would get probation. I bet he was jailed for lying on the stand, testifying that he was aiming at a chipmunk at night when he struck the dog. Judge Michael Warren has a special dislike for lying in court, as I recall.

3. Dogs at work help make things more comfortable (except for people who don't like dogs.)

4. And this asshole stabbed a dog, yet he likely won't get jail.

5. Then there was a protest against GOP presidential candidate Willard Romney outside of the Westminster dog show.

6. And finally, this TV anchor needed 70 stitches after an on-air blooper.

Let's hope tomorrow we don't have this kind of series on cats or perverts. OK, perverts will drive pageviews and readership.


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