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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Comment on Muslim piece

We had a nice article this week about MUSLIM SECRETS, a look at Sharia law.

Here is my favorite comment on the piece:

Heh wrote: "It wouldn't matter if Muslims actually wanted Sharia law in America. They don't have the numbers to make it happen. We have plenty of politicians who want to impose their own version of Biblical law on people, and I'm more worried about them."

The piece is written by our staffer and video expert Aftab Borka.

In fact, four or five stories will be written, all looking at different topics. Coming up in the next weeks, you can read about Muslim women as well as the divide between Shia and Sunni Muslims. Today's story, on Sharia law, was a top-five most read article on our site.

Read it only at as our sister papers The Macomb Daily and Daily Tribuen would not publish the piece. (Wasn't Royal Oak a more progressive area?)


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