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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday and be safe if you're on the road, be calm if you're in the air (or waiting to get into the air), and be happy if you're at home.

Let's hope we have a dynamic but not dangerous Black Friday, though some footage of stampedes might be a tad bit entertaining.

Let's hope that things are OK in the Koreas and that world war doesn't start.

Let's hope the Lions make it into the 3rd quarter within a single digits, which would make the Kid Rock halftime show more spectacular.

And speaking of Kid Rock, let's be thankful to have someone willing to step up and defend the Detroit area and Michigan. He does a lot to help out people around here, and he prefers to do it quietly, on several occasions lending a hand and asking that his name not be included.

Here's to more like him, even with the Waffle House entertainment, too.

And here's to the last calm Thanksgiving for a few years or more for Rick Snyder and his family. From here on, you're expected to make everything better.

I'd also like to thank the readers of, for their input and their passion, for their interest and their insight. They criticize us rightfully when we are wrong, point us in the right directions for stories, and let us know when we're on to something.

I'm also thankful for the many partners we've met and worked with, including CMN-TV in Troy, The Macomb Daily and Daily Tribune, The Morning Sun in Mt. Pleasant, The Michigan Chronicle, Fox2, and WADL. Moreover, we have a great community of contributors, far too many to mention, but you can find many of them on our blog page.

Happy holidays, all.


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