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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Drew, Mike and the school board prez

I've heard bits of "The Drew and Mike Show" on WRIF-FM, 101.1, the last couple days and each time I've caught them chatting about the problems of the Detroit School Board president, who tried to resign and then rescinded his resignation after admitting he fondled himself in view of a female employee.

Boy, that's a handful to get around, but Detroit's politics continue to spiral out of control. Even Kwame didn't sink this far (I mean by resigning and then trying not to resign).

It's really a shame and I shouldn't joke, but if you can't laugh at this nonsense, you can only cry.

One note I must make though is this: the longtime and popular radio hosts wondered twice if this was some kind of criminal sexual assault.

I don't think it is. However, it sounds to me like it's an indecent exposure, a strange crime in that it can lead to up to life in prison if repeated because a defendant can be ruled a sexual deviant.

But I think that Drew and Mike are on to two things: 1. This Otis Mathis guy shouldn't be wondering about his job, he should be hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent him, if he did what he's accused of doing and apparently has admitted doing. This would a crime. And 2. is he should then be facing a serious charge, not a minor misdemeanor.

Such a shame.


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