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Friday, June 11, 2010

Kwame and boot camp

Only if they let reality TV in to film, I declare!

Actually, I like the idea of the disgraced former mayor staying in prison for at least 18 months, but boot camp is a real possibility.

And I know that our official editorial stance is that Kwame Kilpatrick not be given an early release through the boot camp program.

The state, though, relies on boot camp as a way to keep beds open and costs somewhat down. All I know is Mr. Kilpatrick should be treated the same as other inmates.

If the state would naturally put someone like him into boot camp, then they should do, as long as they follow standard procedure. And if the judge gets a say, then the judge should make the decision. However, if the state would normally not send someone at his age to boot camp, then he should absolutely stay in prison for at least 18 months.

Nothing special for their newest minor celebrity. Remember, Dr. Jack Kevorkian served ten years out of his 10-to-25 year sentence for murder. I know it was murder, but again, he was more of a political figure. He was paroled once he was old enough to not be a threat and he was not granted early release despite health problems and his advanced age.

I don't think boot camp would add anything to Kilpatrick's character, and I would be surprised if he refused reality TV cameras, finding him to be more like Illinois' Rod Blagojevich (who thirsts for whatever fame and money he can grab) than Dr. Kevorkian.


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