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Friday, June 18, 2010

Waivers ruled worthless

Ever sign a waiver to let your child go to a friend's party at Pump It Up?

Well, if you have and have wondered about that waiver, then worry no more. Looks like it's worthless.

A story in The Associated Press reports that the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled they don't protect a company from a lawsuit.

Wonder what that means. Will companies give it up and quit? Or will they look back and see that there haven't been that many injuries and just hope for the best (and maybe just put a little bit of extra money into safety issues)?

I never bought the mandated waiver if you wanted to go. If something was faulty or negligence leads to equipment failure, then a waiver shouldn't overrule that. But, of course, with Pump It Up parties, which I love, I've never worried about my children's safety. I do know about certain laws of physics, such as gravity and a child's ability to find a way to fall.

Boo-boos happen, but lawsuits don't necessarily have to follow.

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