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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger takes charge (or at least tries to)

The announcement came late Friday, at the end of the week's news cycle.
The weekend news reports about Tiger Woods' allegedly indiscretions
would follow a similar theme: What did it mean with him leaving golf
and what would is sponsors do?
Finally, the guy is trying to control the situation, announcing his
indefinite departure from golf. But it seems to me that he simply
took his ball and went home, leaving the field of play.
The leaving could be short-termed, perhaps until the Master's, when
he could return to a hero's welcome. Or he could take years off and
come out of retirement as a man of mystery.
Either way, his return would be the biggest story of the weekend or
year, depending how long he waits.
And his return depends on what he thinks of his place in history.
I figure, the way he controls himself, he might just value his place
in history a tad bit more than his family or even his bank accounts,
both with rely on a happy home front.
If he stays away too long, he might make sure Jack Nicklaus remains
the biggest champion of all time, with 18 major victories, an
accomplishment that I thought was just waiting to be topped by Tiger.
Two or three years away, and he may not be as competitive and he may
learn those majors aren't so easy.
But Tiger Woods likely still is focused on the final prize, being the
best ever.
This move, I suspect, was calculated as a way to take charge of the
story, let people in the media and world of golf stop and appreciate
what he brought to the game every weekend of the PGA season, and to
give him some breathing room.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tiger is no different than many entertainers, celebrities and many times just average people. Marriage and faithfulness doesn't seem to be popular. As for the women, they seem to be having a race to see who can dress the trashiest and show the most skin. Disgusting on all counts!

January 5, 2010 at 4:46 AM 

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