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Friday, November 20, 2009

Remember the 'Dome

Here is my favorite memory of the Silverdome, which is being sold following an auction.

"When Zeke (Isiah Thomas) hit the winning basket in a playoff game against the Atlanta Hawks in 1987," said one reader. "Unfortunately for me, as I winded down from the cheap seats and in an effort to get a better view (which was possible towards the end of the game when security is lax), I didn't see the shot but boy did I hear the roar and reacted as if it were me hitting the winning basketfrom the playgrounds of Yaktown (slang for Pontiac). But it was a true barn burner, and I was able to make it over to my lady's pad after the game and informed her of the excitement that I witnessed, with her reaction one in which she replied angrily that I went to the game without taking her. My feelings were distraught as a result of her response, but the memory of that game continues to this day bring back in my mind of what I remember most about the Dome."


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