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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A bright spot in dreary day of news

President Barack Obama announced his plan for creating jobs, but it's just a plan. The reality followed a story that came out as the president was letting his plan be known.... a survey of CEOs found few plan on hiring for the first half of next year.
Seems like everyone agrees that jobs are needed to fix the economy, but everyone seems to be saying, once the economy's fixed and we're doing better, then I'll hire.
Oh well.
Throw in Pontiac and Arts, Beats & Eats playing the blame game (when reality is likely that both are struggling and could no longer function together), another hung jury for the Rib Rack case, a snow/rain mix tonight, the likely loss of Curtis Granderson, a shooting in Pontiac, and... well, we know, the news was bad. 
However, I'd like to thank Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, for the story that noted he was the top-selling artist of the decade. Good for him and good for us. Haven't really been a fan, though I like his humor and his beat, but I like that he is at least one sign of success in what has turned into a long, long miserable day.


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