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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reader comments on Troy pot bust

Readers were split about a Troy father who called police on his 16-year-old daughter after allegedly finding a single marijuana plant locked inside the closet in her room.
Many people commented on the story about her facing possible juvenile charges related to the incident. Many were angry at the father; others said it is his house and he has the right to enforce the rules and the law.
Here is some of what you have to say about this story:
— "This guy calls the police and reports his own child for drug possession?" said one angry reader. "Why didn't he just throw the plant away? Why would a parent call the police for such an incident? I don't want any child doing drugs illegally, but I think parents like this are probably the reason the child is smoking dope."
— "Although you may want to legalize pot, it is still illegal," said one woman. "Let's say the cops come to the house under different circumstances and find the plant. Who is the one in trouble? Daddy is in trouble."
— "I'm a firm believer that children develop a sense of right and wrong from their parents," said Shawn. "How well our children do in life is based primarily on how well we teach them to deal with the temptations that this world has to offer. If we fail as parents, so do our children. I think this father has the right to do as he wishes. But I think it's unfair that his daughter is suffering consequences at HIS hands, because of his inability to do his job. Just my opinion."
— "What's the big deal?" asked TweedleDee. "Why is pot illegal? It's a plant! Just because someone smokes or grows a little pot does not make them a hard-core criminal or does it mean they are on the track to becoming one. Why not just legalize the stuff already and make some money on it for the state rather than putting people in an already overcrowded jail system with people who most likely deserve to be there in the first place?"
— "I'm sure the father did what he thought he was best," said Concerned, who believes marijuana is a gateway drug. "We don't know any of the underlying circumstances regarding this case, and therefore are not in a position to judge."
— "For those who are sending shout-outs to the father for doing a job well done, shame on you," said Wow, who would have preferred months of the teen being grounded and counseling. "It would have cost the taxpayers nothing for him to destroy the plant."
— "My dad would have just started swinging and after the stars quit circling he might have had a small discussion with me," said one reader. "He merely would have informed me that if I wanted to grow some weed it would have to be someplace other than his house."
— "I can't believe these people judging the father for teaching the bratty teenager a lesson," said another. "Teenagers these days think they can run their parents (and some do)."
Here is some more of what you had to say this week:
— About efforts to help parolees: "I'm sure the 5-year-old (girl) from Oxford (who was allegedly) shot in the face by one of these early-release inmates is happy about how 'safe' the public is from these early parolees."
"Let's keep emptying our prisons," said Ed. "Regardless of the 'rehabilitation' these guys have been through, dumping them back on the streets when even law-abiding citizens can't find jobs is idiotic."
— About Lions center Dominic Raiola apologizing to fans after yelling at them when they taunted the team: "No one cares if Raiola was yelling or what any of the other Lions were doing," said one reader. "These guys (are not good). The attitude in the Lions' locker room has to be comical when they talk about any commitment to doing their jobs. What a joke."
"That was a bad game, but I am a Lions fan and will be there next game. I can only imagine how frustrated Raiola was, based on how I felt. All that I can say is, Dominic, next time, give me the $15,000 you will be fined and I will cuss out the (jerks)."

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