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Monday, November 16, 2009

What you're saying

Readers were pleased to see some good news on the front page, highlighting a story about seniors falling in love, according to comments left online.
Dora Mayo, 78, moved from Holly into Abbey Park, a Grand Blanc senior apartment community, last November. She met Joe Ashley, formerly of Pontiac, when he moved in three weeks later. First finding friendship, they fell in love and were married earlier this month.
Here is some of what you had to say about this story:
— "And to think it all started with a hello and a smile," said one read. "Congratulations to you both. I introduced myself to a single neighbor and we have been married for 11 years now."
— "God bless you both," offered Sandy. 
n "Why can't we have more stories like this in the news?" asked Victoria. "I am very happy for them."
— "That's my grandpa and my new grandma," said Mary McGinnis. "It was a great wedding!"
— "I love stories like this," said Mari. "What a wonderful new chapter in their lives they can share together!"
But it was not all good news, as has been the case lately with the floundering economy and continued stories about cuts to jobs and services, unemployment and political anger.
— About reviewing life sentences for juveniles, one reader noted, "Certainly it must be realized that this proposition was made circling the idea that juveniles and adults are separate and that juveniles have a better chance of being reformed. Life sentences might not always be the best idea, seeing as juveniles may still yet have a chance of reformation. It's something to take into consideration."
— About the state's lieutenant governor traveling to the Middle East on a job creation research trip, one reader said, "If it'll get jobs here, I'm all for it. The naysayers are welcome to make their own trips on their own dime to get jobs here if they're complaining about (John) Cherry doing it."
— About Oakland Schools cutting jobs, LadyBug wrote: "What I don't understand is why they are cutting every single vocational program these schools have. I realize kids need the basic academics, but the Board of Education also needs to realize that not every single person in the world is going to go to college. We need people to fix our cars or our houses, and kids deserve to be artists or actors if they want to. I think there should be at least one school in every district that offers (lessons for) auto mechanics and art classes. I just don't see how that is expendable."
— And more on the school cuts: "I am so tired of hearing everyone complain that the schools do not have enough money," Batman wrote. "Too bad no one has money because no one has jobs. Close down all the schools or let those who are parents pay more for their school districts. Have a bake sale or do something to raise funds for your child's school. Just stop complaining. Do something proactive. Stop living off the backs of those who have jobs and go do something innovative and make money for your child's school on your own."
— About a legendary 1970s band considering changes, one wrote: "I wonder how Aerosmith will work their walkers into their routine."
— About the plan to stop housing work release prisoners in Oakland County, one wrote: "Hey (Oakland County Sheriff Michael )Bouchard, give them some snow shovels so they can make up for the reduced number of snow plow drivers!"


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