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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Political ads not hated

Ads on television or radio always annoy as a rule, but there are a
few out there that inform, entertain and even make me chuckle without
the typical fast forward on the DVR or switch of a station.
Political ads have always been the worst, and the political robo-
calls are the absolute worst form of communication (I compare it to
shooting a gun through a window to announce that I'm outside.)
But a shout out goes Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson and Oakland
County Sheriff Michael Bouchard for their recent ads and calls.
For Johnson, it is her daughter singing a little song and then
telling listeners to vote for her mom for county clerk. Some here in
the office say it's annoying, but it's no more annoying that
listening to someone complaining. To me, it's cute and different.
Then I got a call from the sheriff, who left me a message as it was
the kids' bathtime. I might have felt differently if I had picked up
while waiting for the baby to fall asleep, but as a message, it was
harmless. What I liked was that it was Bouchard himself, apologizing
for these dreadful calls. But, he said, he has to do it because the
situation is important and it's almost at the end. He quickly goes
through the issues of shrinking budgets and effective management.
I liked that he didn't have his wife or buddy call and I liked the
nervous haste in his voice.
I think these ads worked for these two incumbents, and perhaps the
most effective trick for both Johnson and Bouchard — neither
mentioned they were a Republican.


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