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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

About time! Can the market be fixed next?

Many expected the "Fire Millen" chants to sound for years, despite
how bad the team has been. Critics of the Lions' ownership cite
longtime general manager, Russ Thomas, who remained with the team
despite years of poor performances.
But today, it appears that Millen's eight-year tenure ends, as the
31-84 record — worst in the league during this period — has ended.
During Millen's record, several teams have reached the bottom and
then climbed out to succeed again. Look at Millen's former offensive
coordinator, taking the hapless 49ers and running all over the Lions'
Everyone has wondered when will it get so bad that it finally has to
get better.
Little confidence was felt about the Lions, but now a change is being
made. So what's next?
Has the housing market finally bottomed out, meaning that homeowners
can look forward to better news next year?
Will gasoline prices continue a downward trend and approach former
Will the stock market begin growing and stabilizing?
Is the economy ready to right its ship, with employment rising, the
auto industry rebounding and health care prices dropping?
OK, probably not and things likely will continue to worsen, as a
political battle over the bailout providing an extra dose of anxiety.
But with William Clay Ford finally axing the only man who makes Kwame
Kilpatrick seem well-liked in the Detroit community, maybe things can
improve for the better.
Let's hope.


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