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Friday, October 24, 2008

Joe the funeral home director?

So it may not be totally accurate, but one comment on what may be the saddest story of the day — Pontiac funeral home being evicted from its facility — did bring a smile.
It came from Former Resident Now in Florida, and it's overtly political and one-sided, things I don't like. But when you take something being tossed about so much and turn it into something else, I have to give the person their due for providing a nice chuckle.
Here's the comment:
" This is the result of mismanagement, deregulation, and corruption of the government by the Republicans, and their "trickle down" economics. They try to blame it all on Democrats, but they've been in charge of the congress for 20 years plus. If this isn't a sign that change is needed in Washington, and soon, we are all lost!! What's next police precints and fire departments being evicted? McCain what can you do for "Joe the funeral home director"? "
So I don't know if we are able to blame national policies on this particular incident, but a failing funeral home is very indicative of what is happening to Pontiac's economy (as well as Michigan's and even the typically strong Oakland County). We've gotten reports of problems maintaining the North Oakland Medical Centers' deal with physicians. Chrysler and General Motors are laying off people in Auburn Hills and Pontiac.
About the former resident's comments about the firefighters and police, well, that's long been true. The Pontiac Police Department is farther down that I ever imagined it could be, cut by more than half from where it was in 2003. Back then they had about 2 or 3 homicides a year. This year, they're up to 20 already -- I believe, because there are fewer cops on the streets and more unemployment.
The firefighters, of course, have been spared because of a well-placed charter provision mandating staffing levels — the main reason the police department has been so decimated. 
However, with all of these problems, I still chuckle at the Joe the Funeral Home director crack. 
Of course, sometimes the best time you to laugh is when you're at a funeral.


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