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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Let's hear it for Disney in its DVD releases, working with people who
may be interested in new technologies but not ready to spring for them.
I bought the newly released DVD of "Sleeping Beauty" for my daughter
and I selected the double disc Blu-ray version because it included a
standard disc for those -- like me -- without a Blu-ray player.
Now Disney has not always been a popular DVD producer in my family,
and from what I've read, there's a substantial debate over their
"Fast Play" format.
Some like it because you can pop the DVD into the player, walk away
and let the movie start without searching or roaming through the
menu. However, the drawback is right there, because you have to wait
through all of the previews before you get the movie and you have to
get to the menu in time to stop the Fast Play.
I don't like the Fast Play, personally, but it's nothing I'm going to
write to Disney about. I deal with it, even if I have to scramble to
find the menu button as I'm putting the movie on the Town and Country
for the ride up north.
But kudos to Disney for recognizing that their limited edition DVD
was a tempting treat for those of us who will eventually buy a Blu-
ray player, perhaps next year when I upgrade my television (depending
on how this financial meltdown bailout works out for us).
Flexibility for consumers is the key to a successful relationship
with the people who keep you in business, and perhaps more companies
can learn from this.


Blogger Stephen Frye said...

By the way, I got the Blu-Ray last fall, and I love it. But it's downstairs and I don't use it as much as normally. But it's good for the main entertainment center. Now they just need a player that plays both.

May 7, 2010 at 11:55 AM 

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