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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Cubs, no White Sox; sick of the Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox were a great story when they were struggling under
the weight of the curse. They trailed New York, their hated rivals,
3-0 in the A.L. Championship and I was rooting for them to come back.
They did, in what may be the greatest sports comeback story ever.
Then they won the series, and we finally got to rid ourselves of the
curse story.
Now, I find the Red Sox either boring or annoying. In the World
Series, they've rolled to two championships, neither entertaining to
And we've had the Cubs, now the ultimate in a lovable loser story.
How I had hoped for a Cubs-White Sox story, not for the chance to
watch history being made.
No, I was hoping for the fun of a media coverage of fans, not the
playing field, as the two teams' supporters had to mingle with one
another inside and outside of stadiums. Today, with everyone
seemingly capable of capturing and posting video, there should have
been some exciting, funny, interesting and likely scary incidents
throughout the Chicago area, especially after the game.
There's nothing like hated rivals getting together for a championship
So now we have Tampa Bay.
No hates them. You kind of have to feel sorry for them, and now they
are in the underdog status, but knowing what happened to Florida —
post-championship fan indifference and a selloff of Marlin talent —
it's nothing to get too excited about.
Of course, the Phillies are making yet another run for a championship
and that could be entertaining, or else watching Joe Torre and Manny
Ramirez work together to mock the Yankees and Red Sox.
But a chance for a delightful October series ended without a Bartman,
just a pitiful sweep.
Well, there's the Lions....D'oh!


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