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Monday, October 20, 2008

Sex in the news

Twice today, sex made an appearance in the international wires,
leaping out of the bedroom and into the beach and grocery aisle.
OK, sex wasn't at the grocery store, but it did lead to a British
food regulator to suspend sales of a "chocolate body spread found to
contain small quantities of the industrial chemical melamine,"
according to The Associated Press.
Is nothing sacred anymore?
First dog food, then baby formula, and now sex chocolate.
The British agency did note on its Web site that this was the first
alert issued for body spread.
The British made it again into the sex news when a couple visiting
the United Arab Emirates ran afoul of local sensibilities and customs
-- as well as the law -- when they had sex on a beach after meeting
one day at an all-you-can-drink champagne brunch, The Associated
Press reported.
The couple, in their 30s, denied the sex but admitted being drunk.
They were convicted -- but have appealed -- and were sentenced to
three months incarceration and fined $272. They also were to be
The woman lost her job with a publishing agency and the man had to
extend his vacation after their July arrest, as they were barred from
leaving the country. (Funny, first you can't leave, then they toss
you out -- kind of like a bouncer enjoying the fun of tossing you on
your ear).
Of course, these stories were still not as odd as the man with the
vacuum cleaner (see the cops and courts section for that one).


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