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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

JJ and Lynne sing the blues

So with Detroit radio again changed with the departure, or canning,
of the J.J. and Lynne in the Morning show on 94.7 WCFX-FM, it is
interesting to see what the reaction will be.
I imagine people will not be happy to see such a longtime fixture as
the team led by Jim Johnson departing so abruptly, even if many are
desiring change.
The politics of local radio remains a fascinating realm, with
corporate America clashing with local identities.
We saw a larger version of this earlier in the year when Drew Lane
finally left WRIF and his longtime partner, what's his name, Mike?,
as their wildly popular morning show imploded with sudden rumors and
uncertainty. But that was a long time coming, as Drew had been off
the air long enough to feed a whole assembly line of rumors and
potential scandals.
I'm curious of WCFX will liven things up by bringing in the other
team let go a while back, Demenski and Doyle. Or will they go with
more music.
Personally, I occasionally listened to the 94.7 team and I would stay
tuned for old stories about rock's glory years. But there was too
much talk, and 94.7 was my go-to when the 101.1 guys went on and on
about something stupid, because at least JJ and Lynne would play some
Drew and Mike at times held my attention but Janet Jackson's boob and
the subsequent fall out forced them to spend too much time talking
about reality TV and I lost interest fast.
I like music in the morning or else news.
I've got my iPod in the car so radio is mostly off unless I'm stuck
in traffic and looking for something interesting to distract me.
And in my wife's car, I've got Sirius satellite radio and, when I'm
driving that, I never click to local radio.
So, like so many industries aged veterans are being forced out,
perhaps for the Simpsons-like robot team.
Either way, I don't really care.


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