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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Convention and Kilpatrick

What a marriage of two stories across the land merging within the
Detroit media, the Democratic convention in Denver and the mayor of
Detroit's possible removal from office!
I don't believe the bad news out of the mayor's office hurts
Democrats (it's not like Obama-Kilpatrick was ever floated about,
something that would have overshadowed the John Edwards affair),
though Gov. Jennifer Granholm probably doesn't want to have to answer
questions about Kwame Kilpatrick when she should be showcasing her
state and her party.
However, it is simply another stain on a struggling state as its
economy has tanked, its state party bungled its primary, and now its
mayor has turned into a better fodder for Jay Leno than the Lions,
who have yet to lose a regular season game.
What must be tough is to be a news director at a Detroit station, who
must decide whether to lead with a procedural bit on the mayor or a
speech from the convention.
Of course, what continues to amaze me the most is the gumption by not
quitting, even after that speech in court last month describing how
his life has been so changed by the charges and intense media
scrutiny, which is the main reason he should resign.


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