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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Election time -- almost done

Thankfully, this election season is flying by. Hopefully, all of the
candidates will ensure that their election signs will be picked up
This season did have a couple flaps about signs, highlighted with
photographs of Clarkston district judge Dana Fortinberry picking up
her opponents signs and laying them in a pile because apparently they
were on property where only she was allowed to post signs.
I don't care about the right or wrong of touching someone else's
signs, but what is disappointing is how important these signs become
to the candidates, or in her case, to a sitting judge.
All it is is a small sign with a name on it. That's it.
No qualifications, no resume, no presentations of what ideas they
will use to guide them if they win.
No expressions as to how they will achieve the slogan they promise.
No depth, no details, and no decisions about what will be done.
It's a shame that this is so important in an election, which should
be about ideas, character, background and qualifications.
And then when candidates and their supporters get into whining
matches about who is putting their signs where, it makes me realize
that we are in this recession for a reason.
And nothing is going to get better any time soon.


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