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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not again...

Oh, there are some stories I can do without.
I'm not talking about the horror of hearing about death or flooding,
but of stories that drag on and on, bringing forth a slew of talking
heads spouting animated opinions.
And with that comes the repeated file footage video shots of Don Imus
and his peculiar head of hair, walking from buildings into cars or
sitting behind a microphone. Sometimes, there's a cowboy hat, too.
This time, Imus has landed in hot water for a racially charged
comment made while talking sports on his radio show. Hmmm, seems as
if you have come back from a near career-ending racially charged
comment while talking about sports last year on CBS Radio and MSNBC
television, you might approach such topics with care.
But what he said Monday does not show the necessary care given to
speech by someone who talks for a living.
And it sounds like what he said, based on the quotes given by The
Associated Press and CNN, was stepping a toe over a line no one — let
alone someone lucky to be working — should approach.
He asked his co-host "what color is he?" when talking about "Pacman"
Jones' various legal problems. "There you go. Now we know," Imus said
when told Jones is African American.
Today, Imus said that he was expressing solidarity with Jones,
saying, "There's no reason to arrest this kid six times," The AP
Oh, now Imus is standing up for a man who has been suspended for a
season due to his numerous arrests and brushes with the law. What
does he know about that? Just because someone has been arrested six
times, he is being picked on.
This line of thinking is more offensive, especially because it seems
like Imus is covering his tail.
Worst of all, for me, will be the repeated stories and cable news
discussions on this issue, making me glad I've got the last half
dozen episodes of "Lost" DVR'd and awaiting my watching. Or perhaps,
I'll watch the latest "Masterpiece" mystery from PBS, again DVR'd.
I'll be staying away from Imus and the shout-fests, for sure.


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